Free Compress Your Javascript Code

Comperss Your Javascript Code With Single Click

JS Compress
JS Minify is an amazing online tool which helps in compressing the JavaScript code up to 80% of its original size with just one click.

All you need to do is copy and paste your JavaScript code in the given box and click “Compress Now” button. It will minify your JS files significantly, making them perfect for use on the web.

Why Should You Do JS Code Minification?
Code minification or compression is a process that removes all the unnecessary characters in the source code to minimize its size.

The JS minification tools remove all the unwanted white spaces from the code, comments and the new line characters. While it removes all the unwanted characters, but, it does not impact the functionality of the source code. Instead, it helps in improving the website’ load time and its performance as the size of the files required to be downloaded gets reduced considerably.

One of the best features of this tool is the speed with which it works. It is very fast and delivers the desired results in very short time span.

How Minification Works?
As stated earlier, minification is just the process of removing unwanted elements from the code which do not contribute to its functionality. Basically, these tools replace the human readable variable names with the compact nicknames. This helps in achieving the maximum compression.

Here are the major transformations that our JS Minify Tool applies to make your codes smaller in size:
  • Removal of all unnecessary spaces
  • Shortening of the variable names, usually they are shortened to the single characters
  • Conversion of the arrays into the objects wherever possible
  • Optimization of the if statements
  • Calculation of the simple constant expressions
With all these tactics, it reduces the size of your JS code.